I have been TA in the following courses at Stanford University.

STATS 315B Modern Applied Statistics: Elements of Statistical Learning II. Spring 2014-2015, Spring 2015-2016.
STATS 300A Theory of Statistics (PhD Level). Fall 2013-2014.
STATS 300B Theory of Statistics II (PhD Level). Winter 2013-2014.
STATS 305 Introduction to Statistical Modeling (PhD Level). Fall 2014-2015.
STATS 141 Biostatistics. Fall 2015-2016.
STATS 110 Statistical Methods in Engineering and the Physical Sciences. Summer 2012-2013.
STATS 116 Theory of Probability. Spring 2012-2013, Spring 2013-2014
STATS 60 Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus. Fall 2012-2013.